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Rigs - Mechanized Combat League

I was Lead artist on the Rigs team helping my team produce the final Rigs models, I was responsible for Shader design, Texturing pipelines, LOD (level of detail), GPU optimizations. I was also responsible for scheduling and outsource management.

My team included,

Matthew Tracey (Rig Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup, Misc Props)
David Hilborn (Weapon Modelling, Texturing and Cleanup)
Marie Börgesson (Pilot models and textures)
Kieran Mckay (Rig/Accessories Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup)
Frederic Leullier (Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup)
Pawel Widelski (Rig/Weapon Modelling, Texturing, Cleanup)
Kjetil Nystuen (Marketing, Armour designs, Rendering)
Mitch Phillips (Concept, Marketing)